When watch-making tradition
meets high technology.

There was once a young watch-maker named François Charles Alexandre Hüning who was born in Germany in 1855. However, it was in Geneva that he set up as a watch-maker, the capital of north-south trade in Europe at the time and a haven for scholars and skilled craftsmen. In 1893, the cultured and talented craftsman joined forces with Emile Fiebiger, a watch case and watch movement maker to found the Alex Hüning watch Manufacture.
This successful and brilliant partnership led to an initial patent for a watch balance spring adjustment device being filed in 1907. The associates were also successful in 1905 when they won the gold medal at the prestigious Nuremberg Historic Watch Fair and in 1905 and 1908 with the Watch of the Year award in the Astronomical Observatory of Geneva competition.

Manufacturing high-precision astronomical regulators, marine chronometers and precision instruments (chronographs, meters, minute repeaters, moon phase and perpetual calendars) a member of the Geneva School of Horology until his death in 1931, Alex Hüning made a massive contribution to the expansion of the Alex Hüning Genève SA business.

The quality of his watch movements and the excellence of his wristwatches gained the company a high reputation for technological prowess and artistic quality throughout Europe and rest of the world. Many of his creations were sold throughout the world and his timepieces are, still today, often to be found at auction sales.

His work ethic and principles laid the foundations of the brand's success and to this very day inspire his descendants and successors, who are proud to carry on this long-respected tradition.


MAJOR dates


François Charles Alexandre Hüning is born in Germany


The Fides brand is registered at Geneva by Emile Fiebiger.


Alex Hüning and Emile Fiebiger found the Alex Hüning Precision Watchmaking Workshop in Geneva.


François Charles Alexandre Hüning obtains Swiss and Genevan nationality


François Charles Alexandre Hüning dies; the brand is taken over by his wife, Clara Mathilde, under the name of Vve Alexandre Hüning.


Clara Mathilde dies; the brand is taken over by their son, Walter.